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Everyone wants a cup of joe

Everyone wants a cup of joe

Many people have a cup of joe every day. According to the National Coffee Association’s (NCA) 2011 National Coffee Drinking Trends survey, 40 percent of 18-24 year old respondents and 54 percent of 25-39 year olds said they drink coffee daily. These statistics represent gains over 2010’s numbers, which demonstrates the beverage’s growing popularity.

Coffee is a staple in almost every industry, as employees often need extra energy to finish their work. National Geographic reports that workers wait 45 hours annually in cafe lines, the equivalent of a full work week. Managers who want to make sure their staff isn’t wasting their time, should consider giving workers personalized mugs.

Employees need caffeine so they don’t fall behind in their daily tasks. Providing them with their own cup allows them to stay energized without taking time away from their tasks each day. Companies that give out mugs are ensuring that work is being done efficiently.

Handing out custom coffee mugs also endears businesses to their staff members. Small gifts have large impacts and show that managers care about more than just their employees’ daily performances.

Attracting business clients
For business-to-business vendors, coffee-based promotional giveaways can help turn leads into new customers and improve retention rates. Like employees, clients want to know that the companies they work with are paying attention to more than just the bottom line. Java’s popularity isn’t limited to a single industry, so a free cup is a great gift for almost anyone.

Before a meeting, salespeople can give prospective buyers promotional mugs to break the ice. Leads will be constantly exposed to establishments’ logos when they bring their mugs home or to their offices. These subtle advertisements increase the likelihood of potential clients becoming regular customers.

Giving away mugs can also show that companies haven’t forgotten about current clients as establishments seek out new business. Establishments use coffee cups as rewards for loyal customers or as incentives to increase purchase orders. This small token of appreciation can reinforce lasting business relationships. As with all promotional items, companies should brand mugs with logos, so recipients remember who gave them the functional gift.

Coffee is how many workers start their days and, for some, a staple throughout the workday. Giving away cups so everyone stays productive helps businesses increase their visibility among consumers and improves interoffice efficiency.

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