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Small business promotion ideas

Small business promotion ideas

October is Self-Promotion Month, and small business owners should take this time to develop effective marketing campaigns that generate high returns and create long-term brand awareness. Companies can provide information about their goods and services to effectively advertise to consumers.

Every marketing platform can be used to increase visibility and customer outreach. There are plenty of opportunities for establishments to create interest throughout the month. In-store events and promotional discounts are reliable tactics that increase sales and raise brand awareness.

Holding an event
If owners want to bring clients to their establishments, holding an event entices consumers to patronize brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants. Microsoft Business Hub recommends raffles and promotional giveaways to drive consumer interest and participation. Since October is Self-Promotion Month, celebrations can have spooky themes to capitalize on Halloween’s popularity.

If a company’s clientele is primarily comprised of families, trick-or-treating can be a part of an event. If owners give away small tins of candy, parents will bring their kids in and shop while the young ones are eating their treats. Owners who work with an older customer base can raffle off promotional products that are decorated with Halloween imagery, like pens with ghosts emblazoned on the side or promotional magnets that have Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

Branded gifts stay with recipients for a long time, so owners who give them away during their events are creating a long-lasting advertising presence. L.J. Market Research conducted a survey regarding how long recipients held onto promotional items and 31 percent of respondents said that they carry around branded products they received during the past year.

Discounts & sales
Consumers seek the best deals possible for many goods and services. Many are working with tight budgets, so saving every penny is important. Holding a special sale or offering coupons entices potential customers because they don’t want to miss opportunities to buy products at reduced prices.

During October, companies can include coupons with digital and print promotional materials. These vouchers act as incentives for making quick purchasing decisions. Discounted rates for popular items lead to increases in sales by capitalizing their favorability.

The best promotional resources for small businesses are the owners themselves. The focus of Self-Promotion Month is marketing brands to larger audiences. Independent establishments can find creative applications for traditional advertising tools to reach more consumers and earn higher returns.

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