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Capitalizing on November's minor holidays

Capitalizing on November’s minor holidays

Each month brings new holidays small business owners can capitalize on by giving out promotional products. Since some of these days aren’t widely-known, companies who advertise on them won’t have as much competition for consumers’ attention. These opportunities give establishments an edge over organizations that did not take advantage of the holidays.

Thanksgiving isn’t the only festive day in November – the month is full of awareness, celebration and remembrance holidays. Owners should pick and choose different days to tie with their business to increase brand awareness.

National Family Literacy Day
November 1 is dedicated to promoting the importance of reading and writing. The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) uses National Family Literacy Day as the start of a month long promotion of familial learning. The organization recognizes the important roles that parents play in encouraging children to read and write.

Small businesses owners can increase visibility for their establishments alongside this important cause with promotional giveaways. Instead of only branding promotional pens and notepads with logos, try adding “National Family Literacy Day” to the design to promote the holiday. Companies can encourage parents to give their kids additional reading and writing practice.

Veterans Day
November 11 is dedicated to all of the veterans who bravely served in the armed forces and to mark the end of World War I. In 1926, Veterans Day was named a federal holiday so Americans can honor the men and women who defended their nation.

Promotional products should feature patriotic designs and graphics if owners want to capitalize on the holiday. Every gift given on Veterans Day can be red, white and blue or have a small American flag printed where companies’ logos usually go.

America Recycles Day
Keep America Beautiful (KAB) sponsors America Recycles Day every November 15 to promote sustainable living and pollution reduction. The non-profit organization uses the holiday to raise awareness for its cause by holding events all over the country.

It’s not possible for every business to participate in KAB’s programs, but owners can simultaneously increase awareness for eco-friendly practices and their brand. Logo tote bags are a more sustainable method of carrying groceries and purchases that advertise to consumers each time they shop. Reminding customers to recycle promotional wall calendars would reduce waste later in the year.

These holidays are opportunities for small business owners to tie their advertisements to causes that are important to consumers. Taking advantage of these three chances can be the difference between a widely recognized brand and one struggling for acceptance in a competitive marketplace.

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