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Increasing brand exposure through autumn-themed gifts

Increasing brand exposure through autumn-themed gifts

Promotional products that tie a company to what people love best about fall are great for creating brand awareness. Business owners who are savvy enough to give away gifts that address consumers’ autumnal needs will increase their visibility even further.

Figuring out which promotional items have the most functionality during the new season is as simple as thinking about the changes fall brings – chilly temperatures, stormy weather and shorter days. Marketers should give away branded tools to increase recognition among consumers while helping them throughout the season.

Keeping warm
The fall winds can be refreshing for a time after the summer heat moves out, but they quickly become bone-chilling as the temperature plummets. Owners can capitalize on consumers’ need to warm up by handing out promotional coffee mugs.

These promo items put advertisements directly in consumers’ hands. Each day when clients pour themselves warm cups of coffee, they’ll be directly exposed to a brand. If the mug is used around the office, cold workers will be marketing a company to all of their associates.

The promotion doesn’t have to be restricted to one location either. Owners should consider giving away thermoses so customers can stay warm while on the go and advertise businesses during their commute.

Weathering storms
The good news is forecasters don’t expect summer’s near-record droughts to last long during autumn. Accuweather’s fall predictions expect most of the United States will return to average moisture levels before the end of the season, which means the next three months will feature a great deal of rain.

Consumers don’t want to be cold and wet. Owners should meet the increased demand to stay dry by handing out logo-bearing umbrellas. Customers will think of a brand as caring and thoughtful because the promotional gift has such a practical use.

Lighting the night
The days get shorter in the U.S. during the fall because the northern hemisphere is beginning to tilt away from the sun. If consumers drop their keys or flash drives, they won’t be able to find them in the dark.

Promotional flashlights can help clients find everything outside well after the sun sets. The tool is small enough to fit in anyone’s pocket, so an owner’s brand is always with customers. Parents will love the gift on Halloween when they want to make sure their kids are being safe.

All of these giveaways will outlast autumn, so businesses aren’t investing in a short-term marketing campaign. The year-round functionality of each promo item maintains the brand awareness created by giving away seemingly seasonal gifts.

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