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Promote Child Health Day

Promote Child Health Day

October 1 is Child Health Day in the United States. President Coolidge instituted the observance day in 1928, and it was moved from spring to autumn in 1960. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, the holiday’s purpose is to create visibility for children’s health issues.

Child Health Day may not be widely known, but creating awareness for it might be an opportunity for healthcare professionals to raise their practices’ visibility. Doctors could giveaway promotional items featuring both the holiday and their office’s contact information.

Health statistics for young children could be printed on promotional magnets so parents would be more conscious of their kids’ well-being. For example, a nutritionist may include the obesity rate among youths. An ophthalmologist might want to distribute a promotional calendar listing common ocular ailments for children.

Parents, especially new ones, should be educated on the health concerns that may affect their children. Doctors might show that they care about their patients and the community by highlighting diseases and risk factors families may not have been aware of.

Raising awareness for children’s health is very important. Healthcare professionals can raise their own visibility alongside these various ailments with promotional products so parents will know where to turn for treatment.

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