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Target the music lover in everyone

Target the music lover in everyone

Music is a global constant – everyone from the gnarliest punk rockers to the most laid-back office workers enjoy different genres of tunes. When it comes to small businesses and promotional marketing, music can be targeted through a wide range of promotional products and business gifts.

There are two ways to go about such a plan. The first involves targeting the “idea” of music – essentially, taking images of instruments like guitars and pianos and placing them on promotional items like custom coffee mugs. These objects can be marketed to the typical “listeners” of music.

The second regards reaching out to people already knowledgeable about music. For example, an insurance company could reach out to musicians by providing a wall calendar that displays all the different kinds of chord progressions. Or, for drummers, a calendar could list the varying drum strikes a player can perform. Functional, actionable promotional gifts will be used frequently, especially if they are geared toward the average musician.

Either way, music is never a bad idea when it comes to promotional product themes. Plus, a company logo placed on an everyday object is more likely to be seen by a wide potential customer base.

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