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Hit the rink with promotional products

Hit the rink with promotional products

The good news is, hockey season is getting closer. The bad news is that a lockout is threatening to delay pucks from dropping. Fans are very concerned about whether or not they’ll see any on-ice action this year.

According to CBS Sports, NHL team owners and players will be meeting soon to hopefully finalize a deal to make sure the season is played without delay. Small business owners can help fans keep a positive outlook and build brand awareness with promotional products.

Hockey has been consistently popular over the last few decades. Companies can tie their marketing campaigns to the game in order to appeal to fans.

Calendars are an easy way to mix sports and branding. Gamedays can be marked and businesses will have plenty of space to include their own logos for constant exposure to clients.

The NHL does own copyrights on all its teams and their graphics. When creating a promo item, it is important to stay away from trademarks. Generic signifiers, such as city names and team colors, could be a compromise that lets consumers make the connection while avoiding a lawsuit.

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