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Gear promotional products toward National Eye Exam Month

Gear promotional products toward National Eye Exam Month

August has an incredible amount of monthly titles assigned to it, but from a promotional marketing standpoint, no designation is more important than National Eye Exam Month. Every person, from British royal family members to entry-level IT technicians, needs to get an eye exam at some point during the year. Promotional products offer the visibility needed to remind these people to head to the optometrist.

At the same time, these promotional items can build your brand reputation within a target audience. For example, if custom coffee mugs were emblazoned with a corporate logo along with a standard eye chart, these products would kill two birds with one stone. Potential customers could be directed to a website or made aware of services whenever they reach for a cup of joe.

Coffee mugs can even be used to hold administrative supplies like markers and pencils, and even promotional pens can be slipped into the mix for a double-dose of a business brand.

This high visibility is incredibly difficult to obtain, and most companies spend thousands of dollars on extensive television and radio campaigns. However, your small business can skip the financial costs by using promotional products that target National Eye Exam Month.

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