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Motivate your employees through gifting this labor day

A day off for rest and relaxation is always a treat, but it’s not the only way an employer can strengthen the bond between business and a worker. Finding creative and innovative ways to show people the company cares works both internally and as a gesture to customers. Giving an employee a gift is like a show of good faith – the company is willing to spend money on a person, so that individual should feel appreciated.

A generic gift won’t suit, however, as that would show blanket rewards for uneven effort, some feel. It may be wiser to give away something to employees that not only reflects the amount of time and consideration each of them has put into their jobs but also serves as a token to take home with them this Labor Day.

Fruit of their labors

Businesses are built on the backs of the people they employ. Those are the faces presented to the public and each of them must do his best to provide a positive experience for each customer on every interaction. What better way to show employees you care than to take stock in how each of them looks and feels?

Personal grooming items make great promotional gifts for workers. These small, portable tools reinforce the idea that it’s important how that person presents themselves within the company and to the public, while showing that the company cares about those aspects of a worker’s life. These could be pocket vanity mirrors, pedometers or combination nail clippers, but these tools are all meant to enhance the way a person looks and feels.

Many companies have started initiatives to incentivise personal fitness and other health aspects in the workplace. Giving promotional gifts that also suit this end will enhance the drive, as well as making people happier and healthier.

“Benefits that encourage healthier behavior are a cost-effective way to keep up employee morale, while healthier employees also help decrease health care costs to employers and employees,” Mark J. Schmit of the Society for Human Resource Management told the Buffalo News.

Drink to their health

In the same vein with personal health, promo gifts of wine carriers, pourers, glasses and corkscrews encourage a more festive viewpoint on personal well-being. These tools help associate good times and relaxation with the organization, furthering an employee’s positive outlook at the company.

The Mayo Clinic has said that a glass of red wine can add essential antioxidants and a special chemical called resveratrol to a daily diet. These improve heart health and reduce cholesterol, helping reduce the likelihood of arrhythmias and intravenous clotting. Raising a glass to employee health is improved by incorporating promotional items bearing the organization’s name and logo.

What’s more, the Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research discovered that women over the age of 50 can experience reduced effects of osteoporosis by adding a glass or two of wine to a regular diet. Of course, for both heart and bone health, it’s still important to stress moderation, but a little bit on a consistent basis does have positive effects.

This Labor Day, giving employees gifts that support good health and personal care show workers that the company actually cares about them. This makes for happy, more fit workers, who not only help reduce costs to themselves and the business, they do a better job as a whole thanks to thoughtful promotional gifts.

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