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The summer grilling season is in full swing and people are spending more time outside with family around the barbecue.

Fun promos for National BBQ Month in August

The summer grilling season is in full swing and people are spending more time outside with family around the barbecue. There’s a lot of emphasis on buying groceries to throw on the grill every night and tools that will help get the job done easier and faster, but those aren’t the only things people will be doing in the backyard this summer. Specifically, they’re going to want something to do while they wait.

That’s where promotional frisbees and backyard grilling sets can really make a business stand out. From one end of the meal to the next, your logo can go on the tools that build a fun evening every night for consumers across the country, or just in your business’ backyard.

Get your grill on

The food itself is always the main attraction at a cookout, though not the only thing that helps make it complete. Any good grill master will need certain tools to get the job done, and savvy businesses can step in and offer these items in connection with a sale.

The next time a customer is looking to buy a grill, a promotional giveaway like a custom barbecue tool set could tip his decision toward one product or another. These items can also encourage upsales, wherein a consumer comes in to a store to make a specific purchase and winds up buying a more expensive model and additional items to complement the intended use.

Adding to the fun

A common technique of businesses is to give away peripherals to the barbecuing experience, things that will make the day more comfortable or add a little bit more fun. These items provide exclusive advertising opportunities for those handling them and people passing by, especially with larger or flashy items that don’t cost companies much to get custom-made.

Some outside concert venues and fairs are already getting the momentum going with promotional bags and shirts, but there are plenty offering free branded towels, picnic blankets and beach balls as well. These are especially useful at events taking place on or near the beach, though they’re also great for general lawn and pool use, too. That’s the kind of flexibility of use that keeps consumers using the product, which in turn will boost visibility for business long after the item’s been given away.

Next time around

Getting a promotional product to be used repeatedly is key for increasing brand awareness, so offering items to consumers that will keep them going this summer is also a good strategy for National BBQ Month. One great way to achieve that is through custom water bottles that can be brought on any trip, be it in the car, on a bike or up a mountain. The more durable the bottle, the more likely it will wind up being used again in the future.

Especially in the high heat of the summer, it’s important for people to stay hydrated. In response to that, some metro areas are already offering special water bottle refilling stations at area schools and municipal buildings to promote good health. Offering these items to consumers will get much more brand recognition therefore due to continued use in the public arena and tie the company in with health awareness and the wellbeing of its customers.

Investing in smart outdoor promotions for National BBQ Month can give businesses a head above other companies by showing they’re in touch with current trends and interested in the health of their clients.

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