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Make your clients' commute easier with promotional products

Make your clients’ commute easier with promotional products

The inevitable part of every work day is the commute to work. Most business hubs are urban areas and many of your clients live in the suburbs, so traversing back and forth can be time consuming and costly. Use promo items to help ease the stress of commuting for customers.

Never miss a carpool

As the fuel prices rise, your clients will resort to certain methods to help save on gas and money, such as carpooling. Everyone who lives in the same town or general area will share driving duties, so that they will only need to lighten their wallets to get to work once or twice a week. Having more than one person in the car will let the group use the carpool lane for a more efficient and expedited commute.

Of course, coordinating who will drive on what day can be a challenge, so give them useful promotional giveaways that will be conducive to scheduling rides. Issue your clients promotional wall calendars that they can hang on their fridges or cubicles, in which they can mark the days that they have to pick their co-workers up. You can also give them a pocket calendar with your company’s logo on it – they will be able to keep it on their persons or in their car, so they will always know when it’s their turn. Your clients will thank you for this handy reminder, because any miscommunication or slip up in the schedule will affect everyone.

Work while you ride to stay on track

Some of your clients will commute by train, and many times the journey into the city can take a while due to distance or delays. Help your clients get an edge on the competition and capitalize on the commute with USB flash drives. Many rail services already have WiFi on board, so a promotional USB would allow your clients to transfer information from their workplace PC to their laptop. No matter where they are or how slow the train is moving, they will always be in a virtual office.

Keep cool on the commute

The workplace cafeteria might have limited offerings and your customers will probably be partial to a homemade lunch – whether its last night’s leftovers or a morning-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If they get caught in a traffic jam, their midday meal – which might just be the highlight of their day – could get warm and go bad. Give them a custom insulated lunch bag to keep everything fresh no matter how many miles they have to travel.


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