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Help your clients get up and go with promo items

Help your clients get up and go with promo items

Sometimes the hardest part about a work day is the beginning. Dragging yourself out of bed after a peaceful slumber and getting those heavy eyelids to stay up so the preparations for another eight-plus hours at the office can begin, is a challenge in and of itself. Sometimes the best aid is a morning pick-me-up of the caffeinated persuasion. A hot cup of coffee or tea helps boost that sense of awareness and kick start blood flow to the brain. Give your clients promotional products that integrate themselves into this essential morning ritual.

Promotional mugs that have your company logo make great gifts. After your client brews a pot of their favorite coffee, they will use it to sip and enjoy their favorite beverage as they go about their morning routine, or ease into the day by reading the newspaper. Because this is a daily occurence, your brand name will constantly be seen by your customers, and it will be associated with something pleasant and essential.

Sometimes your customer is in a rush and they need to take the coffee on the road. A Bio-D Tumbler or a 16 oz. Acrylic Tumbler are ideal corporate gifts, because they still let your client enjoy home-brewed coffee, but they are not inhibitive to the customer who is on the go from the first alarm clock ring.

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