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Encourage your clients to get fit with corporate gifts

Encourage your clients to get fit with corporate gifts

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. It is the time of year to start looking at healthy lifestyles beyond the dinner plate, and renew those vows for more exercise that may have faded since they were first conceived as New Year’s resolutions. Inspire your clients to engage in fitness-oriented activities with promotional products.

Personalized Calendars with your business’s name on them will allow your client to mark days of the week that are specifically reserved for working out. To encourage them to try new activities, have different ideas printed on them for different days. For example, May 20th could be yoga and the 30th could be aerobics or a spinning class. These will at least get them thinking outside the box and the more fun they have getting fit, the more often they will engage in these activities.

Many of your customers might already belong to a gym or a health center, so promo items that are conducive to their workout experience are always a good idea. A BPA-free 25 oz. aluminum sports bottle will prove to be useful. Your client will not have to buy a bottle of water every time they go to the gym, and if they run out, they can just refill it and get back to the weights or the treadmill.

A portable mini fan is also an ideal gift for your client. If they play in a recreational soccer or softball league, they will be able to work up a sweat on the field or on the mound and then come back to the sidelines and cool off with comfort. You can even remind them of what month it is by having something like, “Physical Fitness and Sports Month 2012” emblazoned on below your logo. This will associate the great feeling they get from shedding those pounds and engaging a healthier lifestyle with your company name.

To further inspire your customers to lead more active lives, give out corporate gifts that can be used for play. A collapsible promotional flyer will have them running around in the backyard with their friends or their kids, playing a game of ultimate frisbee. Accompany this with an evolve squeeze water bottle with your logo on it, so they can stay hydrated and stay outside in the fresh air for as long as they want.

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