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Unique promotional pens can be set with company logos and contact information.

What small businesses can learn from luxury retail practices about promotional giveaways

Small businesses know it’s nearly impossible to match the millions of dollars spent on marketing strategies by huge international corporations. Instead, the owners of these companies are trying to establish their niche, establish brand identity within the community and industry as well as draw in new clients to their services. Luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s have taken to offering free gifts or reward programs to loyal customers, which in turn has brought new consumers to their retail locations.

Small businesses can build on these strategies. Promotional products serve as free advertisements, establish a cohesive brand identity and build a sense of client identification. These items are proven to be effective for attracting new clients. Working with custom promotional product companies, businesses can add their logos to a variety of gifts at many different price points.

Unique promotional pens can be set with company logos and contact information. These items can be widely circulated, ensuring visibility. Promotional keyrings are a great option for businesses engaged in aspects of the auto industry, particularly service centers and car dealerships. Companies in the tech industry may find that USB flash drives are an attractive and utilitarian option to help gain attention. The more a promotional item has to do with the company’s services, the more effective it will be in the industry.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are useful for establishing an online presence and reaching out to web-based clientele, but they can also be used to announce special events, corporate promotions and promotional giveaways. Luxury retail stores offer discount coupons or vouchers for free gifts. Small businesses can do this also. Offer web-based contests or giveaways to increase traffic to the website via social media. Consider investing in a luxury corporate gift such as stainless steel cylinder clock or a vintage style cocktail set engraved with a company’s logo to ensure a desirable prize that increases entries. Asking contestants to enter email addresses is a quick way to populate a corporate email list.

Even companies not engaged in retail sales can find some way to enter into the giveaway market. For a small investment, companies see high yield rewards when it comes to web visibility, brand uniqueness and customer loyalty. It is important that small businesses be creative when it comes to giveaways that attract clients.


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