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Customizable gift ideas for the college graduate

Customizable gift ideas for the college graduate

With spring comes the close of the academic school year at American universities. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that in 2012 over 1.7 million students will receive bachelor’s degrees from accredited four-year institutions in the United States alone. Considering these numbers, it is quite likely that someone in your life is about exit the dorm room and enter the boardroom. Consider the following gifts to assist your college graduate as they enter into their working life.

Desk planner
A desk planner is a great way to get your grad organized. Whether an internship has led to a job offer or if degree recipients are plastering companies with resumes, a good planner is indispensable. It will be incredibly important for your college graduate to keep track of all those job interviews, meetings and follow ups. Planners often contain pertinent resources such as financial logs and mathematical tables.  Add a monogram for a memorable personal touch. Personalized pens would also make a nice companion gift.

Custom flash drives
Graduates have refined their oral and written communication skills, mastered complex course content and acquired deep knowledge in their majors, but in business today, technology is crucial. Companies specializing in business promotional products offer personalized USB flash drives and business data sets. A flash drive allows users to easily transfer files from one computer to another and is a failsafe way to ensure that crucial professional documents are backed up.

College graduation should be a time for your student to upgrade. That torn up knapsack or ratty bike messenger bag is fine for carrying textbooks, but it may not make the best impression with future employers. A monogramed briefcase doesn’t just make a statement about professionalism – it is indispensable for transporting company files, notepads and and laptops. Choose a leather bag for extra elegance and style.

Jewelry and watch box
Fair or not, potential employers will judge applicants not only on their application but also how candidates present themselves physically. For this reason the advice to dress according to the desired may be the biggest cliché of the job hunting process. Feminine accessories such as a necklace, bracelet or ring may make a candidate memorable to an employer.

An elegant watch or cufflinks may have the same effect for men. Choosing items that are tasteful and complement business attire is crucial to standing out. The chances are good that once your graduate has landed that full-time job, their need for professional accessories will increase. An opulent jewelry and watch box will give your graduate a way to keep items safe and organized throughout a career.

Grads will soon notice how quickly Jell-O shots become unacceptable after college has ended. When it comes to business cocktails, they should get accustomed to the classics: martinis, gimlets and Old Fashioneds. Engraved barware, including a cocktail shaker, a strainer, tongs and appropriate stemware, will be perfect for fixing that relaxing drink after work. Consider a variety of glasses to maximize options. Including a bottle of the grad’s favorite liquor alongside common bar mixers rounds out the gift. Perhaps include a book of cocktail recipes for the adventurous drinker.

College graduation gifts should encourage recipients to move forward into a new and exciting territory in their adult lives. Trading fraternity parties for business meetings may seem unappealing to your graduate, but the right accessories for business will lessen the stress of transitioning from student life to a professional career.

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