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Promotional advertising strategies small business owners may overlook

Promotional advertising strategies small business owners may overlook

Small business operators know all too well how difficult it can be to establish a brand identity known to consumers. Without the benefit of massive public relations firms, it can be easy to get lost among the competition.  A small investment in promotional products customized with a business logo can pay dividends when it comes to giving a company visibility with new and established clients.

Personalized pens
Even in the fast-paced, technology-driven workplace, there is no substitution for a pen. Every worker needs to jot down notes, sign off on forms or leave notes around the office. Using customized pens carrying company contact information is a sure way to know clients can be in touch immediately. Personalizing pens is a cost effective option.

A logo tote bag is multifunctional and can increase attention to a company. In the interest of green business, cotton or biodegradable jute-based bags show that a company is Earth friendly. Clients will use these bags for commuting, carrying files or bringing home groceries, so they feel a strong connection with the company. Reputable promotional product companies also offer drawstring bags, backpacks and laptop carriers customizable to company specifications.

Personalized candies
Everyone has hit that point during the workday when a quick blood-sugar rise is absolutely necessary. Clients are likely to appreciate an offer of candy during a meeting, and they will certainly remember unwrapping a chocolate bar emblazoned with a company’s logo. Mint tins are also a great place for a corporate logo, and as the candy is shared, the company’s presence is established.

Travel clocks
Frequent business travelers know the perils of jet lag, and the only thing worse than adjusting across time zones is not waking up for that meeting first thing the next morning. Clocks come in a variety of price points and can be customized with a business’ logo, accompanying travelers around the globe.  An elegant clock is a great executive gift for a long standing and high-profile client, so in these cases, choose a personalized clock. Clocks can also be used as contest giveaways for the general public or as an offer for clients opening new accounts.

Logo placement has to be central to any small business marketing plan. Companies should take steps to assure that their name is on public display both in the industry and among the public.

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