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Make promotional items collectible to maximize profits

Make promotional items collectible to maximize profits

For some reason, people love to collect things that normally would have no tangible value. Just look at the myriad of baseball cards and stamps that are coveted simply because they have a misprint or were accidentally manufactured. A small business can capitalize on this inherent human desire by making promotional products part of a collection, tempting clients to come back for more.

It is easy to spot the collectible trend when looking across all different kinds of industries. For example, magazines like Entertainment Weekly print several different covers of an important issue to inspire a subscriber to purchase multiple copies. This idea can be readily applied to promotional products like custom wall calendars – each calendar can have a different cover or month-by-month theme. Promotional pens or markers can all have different colored ink to draw customers to collect the full palate.

The backbone of this promotional marketing strategy must be in the form of quality items. No client is going to want to come back for a different promotional pen if the first one runs out of ink after a few sentences. By providing quality promotional products in the form of a collection, a small business can expect customers to return not only for more gifts, but for repeated business as well.

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