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Grouping promotional items together

Grouping promotional items together

A small business can view promotional marketing the same way a young child might view getting presents around Christmas – the more gifts they receive, the better. However, that same child will not appreciate lots of small, cheap toys, but rather a few really nice ones that compliment each other. Promotional products that are grouped together according to a fun theme can project a unique brand image to a potential client.

The product grouping technique has been around for a long time at trade shows – booths often give out bags of different items called “swag bags.” These bags are easy to organize and can take advantage of anything from seasonal weather to regional sports. For example, a technology-themed bag might feature promotional USB flash drives along with a wireless mouse, laptop case and other computer accessories.

While a bit more expensive than traditional promotional marketing, a “swag bag” can make customers feel as if they have won something – like getting a bag of goodies that is not offered to the average person. By making a customer feel unique, a small business can hope for a large return on investment.

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