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Taking advantage of March Madness with promotional products

Taking advantage of March Madness with promotional products

College basketball playoffs are just a few months away, and with the national hype that surrounds the NCAA tournament, a small business can be sure to enjoy great visibility with basketball-themed promotional products.

March Madness creates a unique environment at the workplace – many offices create a pool that everyone can join for only a few dollars, and this creates a buzz with employees who normally would not even be interested in college basketball. Since the tournament lasts a whole month, a small business owner can give out promotional products that can be used to fill out brackets and keep track of NCAA-related events. Promotional pens with basketball themes or pocket calendars with a blank bracket will be used over the entire month by many employees in a company.

There are critical legal guidelines that need to be followed with such promotions, however. Due to copyright infringement laws, NCAA logos or likenesses cannot be included without permission, and even the words “March Madness” can’t be associated with basketball. A marketing manager will need to get creative during this time – phrases like “March Mayhem” may work well and can draw a client’s mind to basketball without making an explicit statement.

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