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Tying historical celebrations into promotional products

Tying historical celebrations into promotional products

In addition to the traditional holiday season of Thanksgiving, the new year and religious holidays, there are a whole bunch of other historical holidays spread out across the calendar. These lesser-known designations offer a small business owner the perfect chance to provide great promotional products to clients and customers at a bargain price.

Since several of these holidays last up to a month or even longer, there is no need for a business to rush distribution. A smart marketing strategy might time different product releases over the course of the month to keep customers interested and waiting for more. Black History Month, for instance, technically begins on Martin Luther King Jr. day and lasts until the end of February. And this is just one example – March is National Women’s History Month and October is Disability Awareness Month, among many others.

When providing promotional products during these times, a small business should keep in mind that these months were designated with themes for a reason. They are designed to provide the public with education about the specific heritage associated with such history. So, a company would be best served by unique promotional products that offer biographical information on a relevant historical figure, in addition to the brand logo of the respective company. Sensitive information should be avoided if possible – an entrepreneur should only focus on the positive aspects of the movement when imprinting promotional products.

However, a company does not necessarily have to take an overly serious approach to promotional marketing during these months. Businesses looking to stay away from the complex education involved in a historical month can instead focus on something a bit more light-hearted and quirky. For example, in addition to being Native American Heritage Month, November is also Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

It is important, however, for a small business to remember its target demographic with such promotional products. Since so many options exist for these monthly themes, the details can get out of hand – specific customization is easy and cost-effective, and should be geared toward the mentality of the customers in question.

With promotional products encouraging cultural awareness and responsibility, a small business can promote a reputable image to both potential clients and historical organizations.

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