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Going green with promotional products

Going green with promotional products

With the revelation of shocking data on energy consumption and the rise of global warming theories, it is more important than ever for a business to promote an environmentally friendly image when choosing promotional products. This year, rather than sending out hundreds of cheap plastic products, small businesses can focus on going green and curbing the large carbon footprint sometimes associated with promotional marketing.

Some ideas for promotional products:

Eco-friendly pencils (such as Newsprencil) are made from 75 percent recycled paper and carry a simple message of saving paper while actually writing on it. Since pencils are easy to share, it is likely that they will be passed around an office or public place and will effectively help to establish a brand.

Recycled tote bags can send a dual message of corporate sponsorship and environmental awareness, and are also great to give out at trade shows to reduce the waste produced from booth to booth. Customers can even take them home for personal shopping use, which can spread a company’s image into new markets that are normally not targeted.

Solar powered products capitalize on the buzz surrounding the renewable energy industry. Solar chargers make fantastic personalized business gifts, because environmentally conscious customers will have the freedom to charge their mobile devices anywhere without the use of an electrical outlet. Innovative solar-powered gifts like flashlights and chargers will associate a brand name with cutting-edge environmental practices.

A small business must also remember to remain transparent in incorporating greener policies into their marketing strategy. Customers and clients, if just looking at a pencil, may not assume that it is made of recycled material. Recycling logos and color schemes focusing on the environment are critical to ensuring the greatest return on investment. Customize gifts in relation to events like Earth Day, but be sure to make such products recognizable year round.

Finally, consumers may not appreciate a company that does not practice what it preaches – having a green office is integral when marketing eco-friendly promotional products. Set up recycle stations at different areas and hang signs encouraging employees to shut down computers and turn off the lights. Staying green across all areas of business is the key to a successful marketing strategy, and environmentally-friendly promotional products are certain to attract a wider customer base.

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