Sports-themed business gifts offer a competitive advantage

The playoffs in any professional sport is a ferocious time for a fan. The prospect of elimination, winner takes all events can make even the meekest of fans turn into a raging maniac. During the work week, one can be sure that the Sunday game is never far from a football enthusiast’s mind, and the perfect way to channel this frenetic energy is through sports-themed business gifts.

Such gifts remain relevant year-round, as there is always a season underway in some part of the world. Whether a person’s preference is basketball, soccer, or Olympic ice curling, executive gifts with sports themes are customizable to suit even the most eccentric of fans.

An easy way to personalize a gift is through the simple application of team colors. All professional sports teams have unique schemes, and slapping them on promotional pens, tote bags, or even USB keys provides a cost-effective solution to customizing gifts. Such products can also be geared towards a specific geographic location based on the local teams that play there. A pocket or wall calendar can provide the game schedule of the local sports team in addition to brightening up an office. Be careful, though – one wouldn’t want to send a Yankees mug to a Boston company.

Fans also love to show their support through fashion. On a casual Friday at the office, an employee might want to wear a custom sweater or shirt to root for the weekend game. A two-toned polo offers a custom sports theme at a bargain price, and if a business wants to get more personal, putting a logo on the shirt will not cost that much more. Gloves, scarves and hats offer the commuter a way to show support on the way to work, and can be combined with personalized tote bags or laptop cases.

Especially during the postseason, it can be certain that a lot of people will be wearing such fashion items, ensuring that a company’s promotional products will be seen frequently. This is critically important when trying to establish a brand name, and can help a fledgling company get a message out quickly to a massive audience.

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