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Top three promotional products to bring to a convention.

The top three promotional products to bring to a convention

Marketing a business is a difficult process, especially if it becomes hard for a company to figure out a way to reach new customers. If television, print media or the internet haven’t had enough of an effect, a company might benefit from attending a convention that caters to their industry.

Conventions are useful for both businesses and customers. They allow customers to browse among many companies tied to a similar industry and find the best one. At the same time, those businesses have the opportunity to make an impression and gain a client they otherwise may not have been able to reach.

There are many things to be prepared for when attending a convention. Personable and friendly employees should be the ones to attend these events, as the whole point for the customer is to be able to put a face and experience with a particular brand name.

Companies should never forget that many customers need to be left with a way to remind themselves of who they’ve visited, and one of the best way to accomplish this is with the right promotional products.

Customized pens
Customized pens are a great giveaway to bring to a convention. People are often fond of gaining free items, and it often is even more appealing when the item is a practical and usable one. A pen is the quintessential example of usable promotional product. Potential customers are sure to use the pen again and to use it often, and every time they spot the logo they’ll remember the company that gave it to them and how they can benefit from that business partnership.

Customized notebooks
The other side of the pen argument is that pens are fairly useless without paper to write on. By providing a customized notebook to any customer who stops at a company’s booth, they ensure that every note that a customer makes on those pieces of paper is a reflection back to the company that gave it to them. When that customer makes a list of the best businesses at the convention, one name will always be at the top, and it’ll be the one that was put there by the providing company.

Custom T-Shirts
A custom t-shirt is the grand prize of all promotional products. As a somewhat larger takeaway, customers are sure to be clamoring at the booth that gives away these crowd pleasers. Custom T-shirts allow a company to tell more of their story while giving away an incredibly appealing product. While a pen or a notebook will allow customization of a name or a logo, a shirt will allow the company to provide color, graphics, and maybe even a mission statement of some kind.

This product will allow a company to promote more of its real purpose. A pen can be from anywhere, but the green T-shirt with the pegasus logo and a slogan that implies speed could only be from that delivery service that will refund any order that takes more than two days. Additionally, those wearing the shirt around the convention for the rest of the day will be an advertisement to every other attendee.

Promotional products fit with conventions perfectly because the competition inherent within them breeds creativity. To stay relevant, businesses need to make sure they combine quality products with relevant reminders of their worth.

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