The Christmas season offers plenty of chances for businesses to reward customers

An essential part of engaging in a brand awareness strategy is forming a connection with customers. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest almost always involves showing consumers what they have in common with a particular organization. Large corporations spend millions of dollars every year to perform research to find out what resonates with customers, but small businesses don’t always have this opportunity.

Fortunately, there are some things that companies can expect to be able to share with clients. Anyone who doesn’t celebrate the holidays in one way or another is surely in the minority, meaning that festive promotions will garner quite a bit of attention no matter what form they take. However, the best form may be to engage in the age-old practice of giving presents to consumers by branding promotional products and handing them out for free. In addition to providing value to clients, the products will live on to spread the word about a particular organization, product or service.

Pens, notepads and calendars
These useful tools will rarely be tossed aside by customers for the simple reason that they serve important purposes. Few people ever own too many pens, making these branded items essential devices for every kitchen or office. Notepads are an attractive alternative to scrap paper and help customers to organize their thoughts. The holidays, much like other times of year, require consumers to be aware of important engagements, making pocket calendars essential.

Best of all, these items can be tastefully wrapped or bound in gift boxes or sleeves and will share the festive spirit of the holidays with consumers.

Solar chargers
Besides being incredibly useful, promotional solar chargers are intriguing. There was a time not so long ago when solar cells seemed like exotic and futuristic technology. However, recent advances have made this device affordable and important. After all – who has never been in a situation that finds a smartphone is dying with no way to charge it?

By giving dedicated customers such a product, companies can solidify a reputation of having strong connections with consumers. Promotional solar chargers will dazzle people if the simple act of giving the gift is publicized in subsequent advertisements, on social media platforms or even in a store or office itself.

Computer dust brush
New technology tends to present minor problems that people probably never even though about before. The prevalence of computers, for example, has highlighted for many consumers the fact that electronics can become terribly dusty and dirty. By giving away promotional computer brushes, organizations can both help to solve a pressing issue for customers and to make their lives just a little bit easier. Hence, whenever such Christmas gifts are used (and shared with friends and family), the name of the business that provided it will always be apparent.

Golf towels
While they may not be for everyone, golf towels are always appreciated by enthusiasts of that sport. In addition to being all-around useful tools, they serve to remind golfers that there really isn’t all that much time left to winter and that they’ll soon be able to hit the links once more.

Cool wine totes
Parties and dinners, of which there are many during the holidays, are often made all the more enjoyable with a few cocktails. Unfortunately, some drinks are best served at a certain temperature and won’t be nearly as tasty when a short car trip requires that they be refrigerated again. Not so when one uses a cool wine tote, which makes a fantastic promotional gift to customers around Christmastime.

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