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Scare up a new small business marketing program with Halloween-themed promotional products

Using seasonal promotions is a great way to increase awareness of a company or brand throughout the year. In addition to linking an organization to a beloved celebration, this has the effect of allowing businesses to easily change their marketing tools without having to design elaborate campaigns. In addition, it’s just good fun, and it shows consumers that an organization shares their values.

Few holidays have celebrations that are as specific as Halloween’s. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Independence Day all differ in their observations from family to family, but no one can be said to have properly noted Halloween’s passing without going trick or treating. Consequently, some of the very specific tools that are useful in that endeavor make great promotional products. Consider the following examples.

When kids are young, they need to be accompanied by a family member to make sure that they stay safe. When they get older, a great deal of the Halloween fun is derived from being out on one’s own and having fun with friends. In either situation, a flashlight is an important tool for getting around in the dark. More importantly, it’s essential for staying safe. A promotional flashlight makes a great giveaway throughout the fall, especially leading up to All Hallow’s Eve.

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s novelty items. The newest superheroes or cartoon characters need to be all over their book bags, lunch boxes and folders. However, when children’s favorite holiday rolls around, it’s a sure bet that they’re going to want orange, black and purple school supplies covered with as many bats, witches, pumpkins and monsters as possible. The demand for themed promotional pencils in this vein will never be as high as it’ll be in October.

Trinkets and toys are important for kids, especially when they reflect things that they feel very strongly about. Come Halloween, anything that’s spooky, scary or can be related to ghosts is sure to be popular. This is even true for adults, some of whom never outgrew their love for Halloween. Consider using promotional keychains with spooky designs and themes to increase a company’s chances at raising brand awareness.

Tote bags
The culmination of a year’s worth of waiting, weeks spent making a costume and a night of hard work collecting treats door to door culminates in the ultimate prize – an unhealthy amount of candy. If everything goes according to plan, children will come home with nearly their own weight in chocolate, hard candy, licorice and other sweets. Of course, they’ll need something to hold it all, which is why promotional tote bags are a great giveaway around Halloween.

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