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Promotional bottle opener keyrings are excellent branding items

How many times have you been at a gathering and found that you or someone in your party required a bottle opener and there wasn’t one to be had? Now imagine that a guest nearby comes to the rescue with a handy keychain bottle opener. Everyone cheers and wants to take a look at this great little gadget. Lo and behold, it has your company’s logo on it.

Choosing an item that is both useful and unique can be challenging when you are looking for just the right promotional product giveaway. Promotional bottle openers are useful tools, and as such, customers are tempted to hold onto them at all times. Keychains are an obvious favorite because keys are used every day and seen by a wide variety of people. By using a combo product like a bottle opener and a keyring, your marketing dollar can stretch even further.

Additionally, people who are the recipient of a helpful hand when they have un-openable bottles will notice and remember the name that’s printed on this cool tool. Small businesses can find a great deal of success through using these inexpensive but powerful marketing items.

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