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Small businesses often find themselves in the unlucky position of needing to stand out while navigating a small budget. Compared to large companies, local organizations have very few resources and even less recourse to discover unique ways to reach consumers. However, small businesses do have one secret weapon – appealing to the festive nature inside everyone.

Wacky holidays and goofy celebrations may seem useless, but they can be used to great effect by local companies. Groups that are celebrating an interesting or fun occasion can expect simple curiosity to draw customers in. Consider the following days and weeks contained within October that can be used as excuses for promotions, special events or sales.

National Pizza Month
Every once in a while, people need to treat themselves. Fortunately, one of the most popular and appealing foods available in the United States is pizza. Everyone loves a pizza party, which can be held at any time during October or could appear once a week throughout the month. Let customers know about this get-together by using social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter as a reward for their following of an organization on the internet.

Computer Learning Month
Despite their prevalence, computers have yet to be embraced by the entirety of the population. For those consumers who are not yet experts with their PCs, promotional giveaways that help them figure out how computers work would be appropriate in October. USB logo drives and USB hubs can be used as the basis for lessons on how to save data, transfer files and connect hardware to a computer.

Cookie Month
While restaurants and retail locations are better positioned to benefit from this designation for October, any company can offer cookies to beleaguered customers who are suffering from a late afternoon low blood sugar attack. Sometimes, a cookie is all that’s needed to boost energy and make consumers see an organization in a slightly more positive light.

1st Week – Get Organized Week
Most people feel that they could orient themselves, their belongings and their schedules a bit better. Companies can give away promotional products that help to accomplish this. Promotional portfolios, promotional pens, personalized calendars and other similar items are perfect for getting people ready to take control of their lives and live in a much more efficient manner.

2nd Week – Customer Service Week
Some people go quite some time without thinking about the servers, cashiers, baristas, chefs and other professionals who create and deliver their food and drink to them on a daily basis. Highlighting the great service that these workers provide serves to point out to customers the quality and care that a company expends to guarantee their happiness. Marketing material that shows consumers how talented and hardworking staff members are will be very appropriate during the second week of October.

October 3 – Oktoberfest
German-Americans and German culture have contributed a great deal to the United States, including a strong work ethic, a sense of organization, delicious food and wonderful beer. This holiday, especially in parts of the country with significant concentrations of German-Americans, is an excellent excuse to throw a party, offer discounts and get in touch with customers who love to have a good time.

October 10 – Columbus Day
The history of America’s discovery is in many ways the most patriotic of all celebrations. After all – without Christopher Columbus and his mistaken cartography, the history of the United States might be quite different. Patriotic promotional products that highlight the importance of this man make great giveaways on this holiday.

October 24 – United Nations Day
Founded as an institution that would guarantee peace, international understanding and cooperation, the United Nations stands for the diversity that composes the human race. Give promotions, decorations and marketing material an international flavor on this day and welcome foreigners, immigrants and visitors from other lands with open arms on the day that pays tribute to the rest of the planet.

October 31 – Halloween
Most small businesses are probably already preparing for Halloween celebrations and promotions, and with good reason – the day lends itself to parties, giveaways and decorations. For companies that aren’t already planning some way of marking All Hallow’s Eve, remember that on some level, all customers will feel like kids again on October 31. As a result, they’ll be subconsciously primed for candy, treats and other free goodies. Promotional products are entirely appropriate to give away on this day, no matter whether they’re simply promotional pens or they take the form of personalized electronics. Of course, it never hurts to have a well-stocked supply of candy on hand for the adult who yearns for the tasty treats that were always abundant at the end of October when they were young.

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