Consider personalization for promotional products

Promotional products generally bear the logo or name of a company that is trying to raise awareness about its services. This is an effective strategy, but there may alternative ways to use the power of branding to market products to consumers.

According to The New York Times, a non-profit veterans group, Disabled American Veterans, often sends out mailings that request donations for its charity. After analyzing its return data, the group discovered that the response rate for its efforts was 18 percent. However, when they included pre-printed return address mailing labels personalized for the recipient, their response rate jumped to 35 percent.

This phenomenon highlights the benefit of promotional products and offers some insight into how companies might go about offering personalized items to customers. When people receive a free product with their name or important personal information on it, they are much more likely to pay attention to it. Their opinion of a small business could be increased by this simple act, even if it is only a company’s name that’s attached to it.

Of course, this intense personalization can be expensive, so it is important to select the right promotional products to use for this strategy. Promotional pens and personalized calendars can be successful options, but a small business that is certain of its customer base and willing to spend a bit more money might even consider making its mark with logo USB drives.

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