Searching for personalized gifts for recent graduates

May and June are filled with high school and college graduations, and chances are you’ll be attending a few parties in celebration of scholars. Instead of showing up with a generic gift card, make an effort to add a personal touch to your present this graduation season to commemorate their special achievement.

Personalized gifts can not only show that you have the recipient’s best interest in mind, but you were willing to go the extra mile to celebrate their special day. When searching for a personalized graduation gift, consider a personalized pen or portfolio to take with them on job interviews or a travel clock or caddy to accompany them to college. Personalized Laptop bags and tech gear are a must whether venturing on to higher education or entering the business world. Putting the grad’s initials on these kinds of gifts make it unique.

Jewelry, like bracelets, watches, or cufflinks are another option. A personalized piece of jewelry shows how important the occasion is and will always remind the grad of their special day.

Practical items can also be turned into personalized graduation gifts. Don’t hesitate to embroider an every day item, such as a tote bag, to give to a graduate who is off to college. The gift will be something they can use and appreciate in the future.

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