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Reminder: January is National Blood Donor Month

Reminder: January is National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month, and throughout the month the American Red Cross recognizes the generosity of millions of donors and encourages more people to give. The Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals notes that blood supplies are usually low during the winter because of the holidays, seasonal illnesses and bad weather.

Small businesses and medical practices should get involved with the cause by sponsoring blood drives and encouraging clients to donate. Entrepreneurs and doctors can advertise their events with unique promotional marketing products. Instead of logos and contact information, companies can emblazon the dates of their drives on the branded gifts.

You should also thank your donors for their generosity. Consumers don’t usually seek recognition for charitable acts, but small presents are always a nice gesture and can motivate your clients to participate in future events. For instance, you can distribute promotional mugs filled with water and orange juice so donors can stay hydrated and replenish vitamins after giving blood.

Additionally, the branded items can help increase donations. When your customers use the gifts in their offices or share the presents with their friends, more consumers will be exposed to advertisements for your blood drive and motivated to make their own donations.

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