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Small Business Saturday gets a boost from Google and Twitter

After the excitement of Black Friday has died down, local companies are encouraged to take advantage of an event specifically tailored to garner them additional customers.

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Small businesses should consider optimizing websites for tablet PCs

The digital revolution that has been building for the past few decades is continuing, and more and more consumers are adopting the latest technology to find products, services, local businesses and information about companies.

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When it comes to online social media, small businesses have choices to make

With so many options available, social media marketing can be a difficult enterprise for small businesses.

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Small business marketers need to know their limits

With the internet in place as the new proving ground for small businesses and marketers, it may seem as if anyone can join the fray.

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Marketing opportunities may be available with Google+ social networking

Just when small businesses have begun to learn the ropes of social media marketing campaigns, something new comes along to throw a wrench into everything.

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Local businesses should make sure that the internet knows where they are

Even the best small businesses couldn’t flourish if none of their customer base knew how to reach them.

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Understanding the difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Small businesses often thrive or fail in relation to the time and money saved on promoting brand awareness.

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Addressing common small business fears in social media campaigns

More and more companies are finding that online marketing is a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness.

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Search engine basics for small business owners

The internet is quickly becoming the new battleground for businesses, large and small, to succeed or fail upon

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Branding products should be about quality, not quantity

The foundation of a functioning economy is the freedom of choice that a variety of products provides. However, researchers have increasingly found that choice is only efficient up to a certain point.

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