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Promotional products can help companies weather the peaks and valleys of growth

Starting a business of any size can be a daunting task.

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Promotional mugs stay with customers for a long time

Marketing, especially for small businesses, is at its best when it allows companies to quietly raise awareness of a product or service.

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Unique promotional products help businesses stand out

One of the most important reasons for using promotional products as part of a brand awareness campaign is that they stand out from other advertising methods.

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Wall calendars harness all of the positive aspects of promotional products

The best promotional products are useful, employed frequently and highly visible to many people.

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Finding an effective, unobtrusive promotional product

There are many reasons why promotional products are effective for raising brand awareness.

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Promotional products that appeal to the environmentalist within

Recent natural disasters and government focus on global warming have shifted public attention toward the environment more than ever before.

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Personalized supplies for special events

When holding a dinner party or awards ceremony, the final touches you bestow on your dinner tables make it all the more memorable for your guests.

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Building a customer base in a small community

The vast majority of marketing that people see every day is aimed at a national audience. Television commercials, advertisements in magazines and internet pop-ups are for the most part from large advertising firms that boast large advertising budgets.

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Branding expert says connection is key to recognition

Woolworths’ new hardware chain, Masters Home Improvement, recently unveiled a $3 billion venture that seeks to increase their brand’s recognition among consumers. The organization has introduced a logo that it hopes potential customers will quickly find memorable, according to Startup Smart. “For Masters, we wanted something timeless that would be instantly memorable and recognizable,” Hans […]

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Branding is synonymous with business

The Guardian reports that though there is actually no single definition for the term “brand,” but that all organizations seem to wind up with one, regardless.

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