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WordPress Plug-in Strategy

by Guest Blogger Karl Walinskas Hurrah! Open Source Software! We love it! Really? I’m not a tech genius nor do I play one on TV, but all the hype about how easy WordPress and other comparable stuff makes your life easy is overstated, at best. My latest escapade into herding cats is trying to manage […]

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Growing small businesses require clear website design

Small business marketing often comes down to search engine results.

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Social media marketing for small businesses is becoming more important

Some companies may find it daunting to enter the world of online marketing and social media, but it is important for them to keep in mind that it is rapidly becoming a crucial part of doing business.

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Accumulating links should be a priority for any small business website marketing effort

Many of the efforts undertaken by small business owners who take charge of their companies’ marketing campaigns have singular purposes.

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Small businesses should create SEO campaigns with an eye toward competition

Traditional advertising is rapidly being replaced with online marketing and internet search engineering.

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