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Small business promotion can be accomplished during a recession

While belts are tightening and budgets are shrinking, many small businesses are falling back and reducing the resources that they expend on marketing. This is a perfectly reasonable response, but it should be done with care and caution. There are some ways that companies can rally in such an atmosphere and actually find greater success […]

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Photo-sharing websites – an unlikely tool for small business marketing

The many marketing tools that small businesses have at their disposal are often designed with advertising techniques in mind.

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A vehicle may be one of the best forms of marketing for a small business

Small businesses usually cater to clientele who operate in a certain geographic location.

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Embrace the changing times by marketing a small business with podcasts

Long after the debut of the television, radio was still a force to be reckoned with.

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Small business marketing often hinges on the identification of a niche

Understanding how to market a small business is as simple as grasping the identity of a company’s niche.

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Local businesses should make sure that the internet knows where they are

Even the best small businesses couldn’t flourish if none of their customer base knew how to reach them.

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Improving your business and brand through word of mouth

Word of mouth – it’s an age-old concept but it continues to be the mantra to live by when it comes to increasing business sales.

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