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4 creative ways to celebrate Family Fun Month

As you begin to plan your fall promotions, consider adopting products and contests that will aide your consumers as they prep their plans for Family Fun Month.

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It’s all fun & games: The guide to leisurely promotional products

There exists a vast range of unique, exciting and engaging products companies can distribute to further spread brand awareness and encourage potential consumers to flock to the business.

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Thinking outside of the box: Fun promos for the summer

Now that the summer is in full-gear, businesses should explore items their consumers could use while spending time in the sun. Companies could opt for traditional items like plastic flying discs or sunglasses, but those who want to further distinguish themselves may want to consider the following.

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Drinking in style with promo mugs

In order to make promo mugs stand out, some organizations have gotten creative and downright unusual to raise visibility and change customer ideas about certain products and services.

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Movies ‘Go Bananas’ for promotions

A major motion picture has spawned compelling promotional items as part of its advertising campaign, and other retailers can take a page in successful brand visibility from the initiative.

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Targeting your promotional audience for maximum impact

Giving away free promotional items is always a good idea to boost visibility and recognition, but it’s also important to make sure the gifts you’re giving away will be used and in a way that will benefit the business.

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Taking advantage of viral information sharing for small business marketing

“Going viral” is a term used in information sharing that describes a story, blog post, video or any other kind of information that is spread very quickly in a short period of time.

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