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Promotional products for family and friends

Promotional items are just as applicable to the more personal market of family and friends.

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Target animal lovers with promotional products

Animal-themed business gifts can bring a smile to any pet enthusiast.

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Studies confirm the profitability of promotional products

Studies that have taken place over the last decade should serve to alleviate some fears when it comes to choosing promotional products.

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The most important day for promotional products

Perhaps the most influential day for promotional products is the first Friday in March – Employee Appreciation Day.

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Make promotional items collectible to maximize profits

A small business can make promotional products part of a collection, tempting clients to come back for more.

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Small businesses can learn from other promotional products

Everyone likes to save a few hard-earned dollars, and clever promotional marketing can save both the customer and the entrepreneur money.

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PPAI 2012 showcases new innovations in the promotional product industry

The Promotional Products Association International recently held its annual expo in Las Vegas.

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Learn from other other organizations’ mistakes with promotional products

Some companies have jumped on the promotional product bandwagon without giving a second thought to the possible ramifications of their promotions.

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Grouping promotional items together

By making a customer feel unique, a small business can hope for a large return on investment.

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Capitalizing on the technology craze with promotional products

Small business owners can exploit technological progress to their advantage.

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